"It was a great honour to be invited to speak". 
Katharine Coleman, MBE

"I really enjoyed the seminar, as I am sure did the other participants"
Anthony Scala


Flight., Catherine Hough
Photo: Kevin Nicholson

Haeckel Gold Flustra

Haeckel Gold Flustra. Katharine Coleman
Photo: Katharine Coleman..

Catherine Hough trained at Stourbridge College of Art over thirty years ago. Since then she has worked as a designer maker creating work based on free blown glass forms, which are then transformed through the use of a wide range of cold working techniques. It has been a fascinating journey witnessing a continuous process of evolution in glassmaking, education, design, marketing and technology, and which now points to a very challenging future.

Red thick 6153_2

Red Thick.
Frances Federer
Photo: Ester Segarra


Coriolis, Anthony Scala
Photo Ester Segarra


Spirit House XIII.
Richard Jackson
Photo: Richard Jackson