Carol Wong has trained at Morley College, Central St Martins and Richmond College. She has exhibited in group shows in and around London. She also works in a social enterprise seeking social change.


Using the transparent qualities of glass I seek to explore a tension between perfection and imperfection, beauty and ugliness, or the idea of the constraints or sacrifice required to reach an ideal.

The motif chosen for this piece is a pair of bound foot shoes, taken from a real specimen found in a museum and measuring 13cm long, containing a 3 inch ‘lotus’ foot visible through the glass exterior.

Shift, Glass Art Gallery, London, September 2008
Dream Landings, John Lewis in association with Arts & Business New Partners, Watford, 2006
Trail of Glass, Kew, 2005
Ragged School Museum, 2005
Space Station 65, 2002


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