After studying sculpture at Staffordshire University (1988-91), Ian has been a cycle courier, a prop designer and a community artist. He discovered glass casting in 2002 when working for a company called Freeform which had started The Green Bottle Unit to research and produce recycled glass tiles and paving. This was his first introduction into how glass can be used and worked. When he left the company in 2004, he searched for a place to continue my own investigations and found Richmond Adult Community College, where he gained his Higher National Certificate in Kiln-Formed Glass. I now work part time as an Arts technician at the Mary Ward Centre in Bloomsbury and continues to study glass and metalworking.


Since childhood I have been fascinated by seashore rock pools and the strange and wonderful life forms you can discover there. I want to show these soft, water borne creatures with hard shells in the form of glass and metal which is now frozen and fixed, but was once molten and flowing. Poised on awkward legs to lurch humorously into our urban environment these sculptures are an attempt to illuminate my ideas and explore these materials further.


Trail of Glass, Kew, 2005


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