I came across Richmond Adult Community College quite accidentally: I began with courses on Stained Glass. A course on Intensive Kiln-Formed Glass followed, in which I achieved my HNC and HND certificates. Previously, I had an adventure with sculpture whilst living in Poland.

I studied glass as I wished to explore it as a medium to benefit my multi-media sculpture. I can see how this has changed my perceptions and enriched my work.


‘There must be some force that created all forms one can enjoy.’

Nature drives me to observe all its changes with an Eastern European eye in the hope to understand these tranquil plants. This inspiration is supported by my fascination with religion, spiritualism and psychology. I have worked in different media (wood, stone and iron).

I began in a blacksmith’s workshop: my grandfather taught me how things are developed and created and it was there I discovered that the vital skills of vision, intuition and how to handle a hammer. I studied Politics but quickly realised what it is about and made my way back towards Art.

Trail of Glass, Kew, 2005

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