Matt Durran studied in the UK and Copenhagen, winning British Council Arts Travel Bursaries in 1996 and 1999.
On the Board of Trustees at the Art Dyslexic Trust, Durran combines an extensive exhibiting schedule with educational activities and other creative collaborations such as the Anglo/Hungarian Glass/Cultural Projects, Cairo 2001.
Since 1994 he has lectured at a variety of events such as The International Glass Symposium, Lednicke Rovne,1996. He has led workshops and groups including sessions for Special Needs Arts Conference, Knuston.
He is one of the founder members of the influential artists group New London Glass, and curator of 'Transfuse' a major glass exhibition at the Great Eastern Hotel, London in 2003 where he worked with over 30 artists.


Matt’s work is not easily categorized. There are many paths and journeys he has taken, and it seems, many to come.

Matt’s artwork revolves around the material of glass, and its qualities. The glass is incorporated into large-scale installations, with large format photography in the form of photo-grams and sculptures.
His installations often incorporate photograms. These are large-scale photographs of glass objects, reminiscent of x-rays, In fact Matthew tells that the inspiration for this imagery occurred whilst travelling. A bag full of his art pieces was x-rayed at an airport on his return from a glass symposium in Slovakia 'and as this technology stirred something internally, in front of me I could see an internal structure to glass that needed to be captured.'

Matt says that photograms are a way for him to capture the light that passes through glass onto photographic paper. Each image is completely unique and can never be replicated because even if one uses the same glass and arrangement the reflective quality within the glass will always change.

One of Matt’s major installations is his piece for the Jerwood Glass Prize 2005. ‘Theatre of Glass’. It is a reproduction of his own studio, and shows the drama and alchemy of glass.
It incorporates over two thousand pieces of glass covering all the glass techniques, plus photograms and a wooden floor scarred with hot glass. The glass used in 'Theatre of Glass' was made and gathered during Matthews travels to the glass regions of the world over the previous five years.
Matt shows internationally and works on many related projects.

Ongoing Projects
‘The Blessed Factory’
A short film about a crystal glass factory in Russia, celebrating 250 years of production and the birth of the town that was built around it
The film is about the people who work in the factory and the fabric of the building. The film contrasts the cold winter outside and the heat of mass production on the inside. 'I hope to capture the poetry of everyday work, in this cathedral of glass.'

St Martin in the Fields Project:-
St Martin`s church, Trafalgar Square, London is in the middle of an extensive renewal project.
Matthew has been asked to recycle the ancient glass from the church windows and create 100 small sculptures. 'Using kiln-work to renew the glass and breath new life into the old crystal glass panes'. This will be used for a presentation in thanks for the people who helped on the renewal project. A film about the project is now made, so that what goes before can be preserved.

Liquid Projects at Designers Block: -
In September 2007. ‘Liquid Projects’ had its first outing at the influential design show, Designers Block, in London. The idea is to demonstrate the recycling of glass within a low energy furnace. The furnace was designed and built with Jon Lewis and Matthew. 'We see this as a moral debate. We want to bring designers, crafts people and artists of glass, together in the common goal of realising the potential and possibility of recycling glass in a low energy way.' We fired the furnace and recycling the used bottles from the show to make products, designs and artwork.

‘Fast Glass’ was a glass challenge working with John Lewis to produce
a glass product within 24hours.which we made….


'Bombay Sapphire Prize', Milan 2008.
'Lost Entity’s' a touring show, starting in Canada , 2008.
'Climate of Change', Asuna Makslas Gallery, Riga, Latvia, 2005
'COLLECT' V&A , London,UK (solo) 2005
Jerwood Prize 2005
'Fragile cargo', 2004 UK and Hungry
'Aloft', Solid Air Exhibition , British Crafts Council , London 2002.
'Tracks' - New London Glass, Gloucester Rd tube station, London 2001
'Images' at et Eksternest Gallery, Belgium, 2001
'Visions of Hope', Grounds for Sculture Gallery, New Jersey 2000


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