Now in her fourth year as a professional glass artist, Sue has her own studio in the Midlands and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Sue's first tentative steps into glass began at Richmond, where she got the 'bug' gave up her job, moved to the Midlands, and studied full time at the International Glass Centre.

Sue's work continues to grow and develop, she works in a variety of techniques, but predominately in sand casting and kiln formed glass. Her first love is creating dramatic sand cast pieces, these Sue often combines with other materials, such as sandstone, slate and recently ceramic. Her work is predominately influenced by her up bringing in the West Country, the strong coastal influences and the dramatic underlying geological formations, which led her to initially study Geology to degree level. However her family now live in the Caribbean, and having learnt to dive, the lush landscape and brilliant underwater reefs have influenced her work, which has become increasing colourful and bold.

Although Sue loves to create one-off statement pieces, Sue also creates decorative production glass which she supplies to galleries throughout the country. She also teaches part-time at the Ruskin Glasshouse College.


Our environment is ever changing, due not only to the forces of nature, but also our interaction with it. For me the textures found in nature and the interaction of the arising contrasts play a key part in my work. In particular how the powers of nature have created these textures, and the relationship between such disparities. I am interested in how these forces have created them. How wind can erode rock faces, water shape coral reefs. How volcanic eruptions can lift and upturn strata of rock. How the process of degradation continues, with the elements carving out these formations, creating interesting and contrasting rhythms and patterns with the earth’s surfaces. Most of my pieces are sand cast sculptures; the forces of nature, and its impact on the earth’s surface have inspired them. The balance between the sandstone and glass further portrays this fragile relationship


Trail of Glass, Kew, 2005


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